Melissa Giles

With all that is required of homebuyers these days, the loan process can be very overwhelming. Melissa Giles can help to ease that stress for you. She has the knowledge to answer your questions . . . and does so with a smile. Melissa has been in the mortgage industry since 1998, and has had the luxury of learning from the best. She worked her way up through trenches and discovered that the problem-solving skills and customer interaction required in this business is what keeps her going. Melissa’s experience in all aspects of this industry adds a foundation that most of her peers do not have.

Melissa is ready to advise you. She takes what you want and helps you find what will best fit your needs with good humor and understanding. The home loan process can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Call, email, or ‘carrier pigeon’ Melissa with any questions. She is always available to help!